Festival of Eugene May Seek New Location

Aug 12, 2014

The Festival of Eugene is on. But organizers say it may have to take place in a different venue. The original plan was to hold it near the 5th Street Market.

Credit Festival of Eugene

After she found out the Eugene Celebration was cancelled this year, wedding planner Krista Albert decided to put on a "Festival of Eugene" instead. Recently a potential sponsor backed out. But Albert turned to crowd-funding. So far, the festival has raised more than $16 thousand. The latest setback is that a property owner where one of the stages was planned on 5th, has made the purchase of liability insurance a condition of use.

Albert: "It was a $6,000 policy. It was more than we could afford. It was more than we raised money for. So we have to look at doing something different. But I'm not going to let this hold us down. I'm not going to do it. So, my position right now is definitely the festival is still happening. The question is where is it going to happen? We're looking for a place to have the festival?"

Albert says maybe it could be held at a public park or a private citizen will step forward with property. If the show does go on it will take place August 22nd and 23rd somewhere in Eugene.