Fire Managers Ban Campfires On Willamette National Forest

Aug 3, 2017

With record high temperatures and low relative humidity, fire weather conditions have worsened in the Willamette National Forest. Officials have banned campfires effective Saturday.

A smoke plume from the Whitewater Fire in central Oregon.
Credit inciweb

Besides campfires, fire managers have banned use of chainsaws in campgrounds and smoking outside of vehicles in the Willamette National Forest. The ban includes use of charcoal briquettes. It also requires off road vehicles only be used on roads and designated trails. Willamette National Forest spokeswoman Jude McHugh says the woods are extremely dry.  Current conditions are expected to continue in the cascades.
McHugh: “We’re finding the number of unattended campfires, people often leave on a Sunday after the weekend and they neglect to put their campfire out. Given all the fires that we’re fighting now, we simply can’t afford to be chasing unattended campfires.”
Oregon’s largest active wildfire is burning in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness. Fire crews across the region are stretched thin fighting blazes in other states.

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