Fire Officials Urge Caution And Consideration For Fourth Of July

Jun 30, 2017

Brightly-colored and loud explosions are expected through the 4th of July.  And fire officials are urging common sense for those residents staging their own fireworks show.

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Amy Linder is the Assistant Fire Marshal for the Eugene-Springfield area.  She says people need to use legal fireworks, and avoid two other hazardous scenarios.

“First and foremost, alcohol certainly always clouds our judgment and sometimes makes you think that it’s a better idea than it really is," she tells KLCC.  

"And we’re always concerned about children and fireworks, and that they are at an age appropriate developmentally and understanding what they’re doing, and that there is constant, responsible adult supervision.” 

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Linder adds it’s good for residents to alert neighbors if they plan on shooting off fireworks.  Loud explosions can startle pets, as well as veterans suffering from PTSD.  

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