Former Commissioner Settles Lawsuits Against Lane County

Sep 20, 2017

A former Commissioner has settled two lawsuits against Lane County. Rob Handy will receive $89,000 dollars in the settlement.

Credit Democratic Party of Lane County

Rob Handy was a Lane County Commissioner from 2009 to 2013. He sued the county in state court under the Oregon public meetings law over an “emergency” meeting that was held by 3 commissioners without informing Handy or a fellow commissioner. His attorney Marianne Dugan says Handy also sued the county in federal court also for violation of due process in 2012.
“Liane Richardson who was the County Administrator back then chose to lock Mr. Handy out of his office and take away his email access, access to his contacts, his constituent lists and other information.”
Richardson was fired several years after this incident. A statement from the county says the settlement does not admit liability. Handy himself was sued previously along with two other commissioners over violations of public meeting law.