Four Groups Vie To Buy Ball Park

Dec 4, 2013

Four groups have offered to purchase Civic Stadium. The Eugene 4J School District has been looking to sell the 75-year old ball park in south Eugene for more than a decade.

Civic Stadium has been shuttered since the Eugene Emeralds left in 2009.
Credit Jes Burns

Eugene 4J declared Civic Stadium surplus property in 2002. This most recent request for proposals to purchase the 10 acre site closed Tuesday. Purchase offers came from the City of Eugene, The YMCA, Fred Meyer and the non-profit Friends of Civic Stadium. 4J Spokeswoman Kerry Delf says the school board will evaluate the proposals based on the money offered and other factors.

Delf: "What they wanted to be able to do was consider all aspects of the proposals. That means they're going to be thinking about other things, such as, are there other benefits to the district and our students? Are there other benefits to the community? What about neighborhood compatibility?"

Three of the offers range from $4 - $5 million. Both Fred Meyer and YMCA would tear down the historic grandstands if they buy the land. The City of Eugene has made its offer contingent on receiving matching funds from the community. Friends of Civic offered just $16.56 for the property, saying that's the current value of the one dollar 4J paid the city for the site in 1938.