Four Suitors Court EWEB Riverfront

May 27, 2014

Four groups have expressed interest in developing a 27-acre tract along the Willamette River in Eugene. Eugene Water and Electric Board envisions a vibrant, mixed-use "people place" at their Riverfront site.

Artist's rendering of EWEB site.
Credit EWEB

EWEB has moved most of its operations to West Eugene and has been working for years on a vision for the property along the Willamette River.  Jeanine Parisi is Community Relations Coordinator at EWEB. She says choosing a developer is a key step in transforming the riverfront from an industrial site to something else.

Parisi: "Most of that vision has to do with a clear, articulated connection between downtown and our river. And in a way that's a green, mixed-use, urban, dynamic, fun, vibrant place where lots of people say they want to bring their family and actually have a beer on the river."

The four groups that responded to EWEB's Request for Qualifications are the University of Oregon Foundation, Paradigm Properties of Eugene, and two Portland-based firms: Trammel Crow Company, and Williams and Dame Development. The proposals were submitted Friday. Parisi says the groups will present their plans to EWEB's board and the public in July. A firm could be chosen by the end of summer.