Disasters & Accidents
12:10 pm
Mon April 28, 2014

Generator Gives Eugene Food Bank Back-up Power

Food for Lane County in Eugene is installing a generator Monday. The food bank will be the only one in the state with backup power in case of a large-scale disaster.

New Food For Lane County generator is lowered into place.
New Food For Lane County generator is lowered into place.
Credit Food For Lane County

Food for Lane County stores about a half million pounds of food in its Eugene warehouse -- about half of it is perishable. The generator will prevent massive food loss and spoilage if there's a power outage.

Dawn Marie Woodward is with Food For Lane County:

Not only can we have the ability to take care of our own county, but we are the only food bank in the state right now that will have a back-up generator and because of our placement on I-5, we will be able to serve some statewide needs as well."

The $178 thousand dollar is paid for by donations and grants, including the Michael D. Horowitz Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation. Horowitz was a Churchill High teacher who established the fund to provide food, shelter and clothing to the needy and homeless in Eugene and Springfield.