Group Plans Permanent "Village" For Homeless People

May 30, 2014

The folks who created Opportunity Village Eugene, a pilot project that gives short-term shelter to people without homes, are now looking to branch out.  "Emerald Village" would provide long term housing at an affordable price.

Opportunity Village Eugene.
Credit Opportunity Village

Opportunity Village opened last August and is home to 31 people in micro-houses or Conestoga Huts. Reverend Dan Bryant is president of the Opportunity Village board. He says the spin-off would be for people who are ready to transition out of temporary shelter.

Dan Bryant: "What we find with Opportunity Village is that people do have income but cannot find any other place to live with the level of income that they have. So, unless you're able to get a really good paying full time job or some kind of public housing, you don't have an avenue out of the village."

The proposed Emerald Village would have about 15 bungalows, 150 square feet, with heat and water. Residents would pay 150 to 200 dollars a month and build equity. Bryant says the estimated cost of building the houses is $100 thousand. They're also fundraising to pay for a ½ acre site.

There's an open house at Opportunity Village Saturday afternoon from 1 to 5.