Hayward Field To Host NCAA Track And Field Championships Thru 2021

Dec 13, 2013

Eugene gets to keep its Track Town USA title all the way to 2021. Earlier this week the University of Oregon and the NCAA reached a long term agreement to keep the Outdoor Track and Field Championships at Hayward Field.

Credit CollegeOvals.com

When any Championship event concludes, the NCAA conducts a survey of the student athletes who participated. The resounding feedback is the ability to compete in a crowded stadium with a knowledgeable fan base. UO Associate Athletic Director Vin Lannana says Hayward Field delivers that atmosphere to spectators and competitors.

Lannana- “Some poetically describe it as ‘The Ghosts of Hayward Field,’ the great performances that have happened here; the running of Pre and the great events [such as] the Olympic Trials that have been here. It’s going to be a pretty exciting opportunity for all the student athletes from all the universities to experience it.”

Lannana says the NCAA Championships will continue to be an economic boost for the Eugene-Springfield area. The University of Sacramento was the other finalist under consideration.