Inslee, Teachers' Union Clash Over Evaluation Measure

Mar 6, 2014

They supported his campaign, but now some unionized teachers in Washington have stern words for Governor Jay Inslee.

They’re angry at the Democrat for his support of a controversial teacher evaluation measure.

“I went out many hours in many rain storms to help him get elected," says second grade teacher Sally Makfinsky. "WEA did a lot to elect him and he needs to support us.”

WEA is the state’s teachers’ union. Makfinsky and her fellow teachers are upset that Inslee is pushing a student test score measure in the legislature.

The proposed law says school districts must use a federally-approved statewide test for any teacher evaluation. Inslee believes without this requirement Washington will lose its federal No Child Left Behind waiver and with it state control of federal funds for struggling low-income students.

“Students will lose $40 million of access, at least flexibility, on use of these dollars if we don’t find a solution,” says Inslee.

The Washington legislature is scheduled to adjourn next Thursday.

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