Kids Take On Washington Legislature In Picking New State Symbols

Jan 29, 2014
Originally published on January 30, 2014 11:20 am

Washington may get at least two new official state symbols, thanks to some young students.

Wednesday, lawmakers in Olympia heard testimony from five kids regarding naming Palouse Falls as the state waterfall.

Grace Nelson, a third grader, reasoned with lawmakers on the issue.

“Palouse Falls is a famous waterfall, according to the Internet it is number six on the best US waterfalls list,” she argued.

Lawmakers also heard testimony for naming the Olympia oyster as the official state oyster from eighth grader Claire Thompson. She chose this species because it is the only oyster native to the Pacific Northwest.

“The Olympia oyster, ostrea lurida, is a living, water-filtering relic of the earliest natives, the settlers, days of the gold rush, and the rest of our states rich history,” said Thompson.

Both plans immediately moved through the House committee. If approved, they will join the list of 21 other state symbols, including the state fossil, bird, and tree.

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