Lane Community College To Stage Hazmat Drill

Mar 17, 2017

Eugene residents are advised that a hazardous materials drill will be held tomorrow (Saturday 3/18) on its main campus off of 30th Avenue.  

Hazmat response.
Credit Fort Rucker /

Fire engines, ambulances, and 50 personnel will be focused on Buildings 6 and 7 during the exercise, that’ll last from 11 am until 6 pm.

Ben Bower is with Lane Community College public safety.  He says locals shouldn’t be alarmed at the sight.

“They should be really happy to see these folks out here, because it means that we’re making the campus safer," says Bower.  

"We’re getting more prepared for responding to all sorts of different kinds of hazards and incidents, so that way if they ever do occur, we’re better prepared to mitigate them with a minimal impact to the campus community.” 

Bower says this is the first drill of this size since he started with Lane five years ago.  He hopes to do more regular drills over time.