Lane County To Consider Resisting National Defense Authorization Act

Apr 14, 2014

This week, the Board of Lane County Commissioners could vote to refuse to cooperate with a federal law. The board Tuesday will hold a public hearing and discussion of concerns about renewing the National Defense Authorization Act.

Lane County Commissioner Jay Bozievich has concerns about the constitutionality of provision of the NDAA.
Credit Lane County

The NDAA is renewed yearly by Congress. It sets the budget for the military. It also includes provisions that some believe allow for indefinite detention of US citizens suspected of terrorism.  People Against the National Defense Authorization Act, or PANDA, has asked Lane County leaders to pass a resolution against the bill because of those provisions. Commissioner Jay Bozievich says the county could do something as simple as express concern or go as far as to refuse to cooperate with the act.

Bozievich: "I feel pretty strongly that Lane County can take some action here and it will have some impact-- letting the federal government know that we're not going to participate in unconstitutional detention of US citizens."

Fellow Lane County commissioner Pete Sorenson has spearheaded the effort to consider objecting to the National Defense Authorization Act. Both Oregon senators voted against the bill. The public meeting is Tuesday evening at 5:30 at Harris Hall in Eugene.