Lane County May Hinder Eugene's Sick Leave Ordinance

Jul 8, 2014

Lane County may throw a wrench in the City of Eugene's efforts to pass a sick leave ordinance.

The Board of County Commissioners Tuesday  moved forward on their own ordinance that exempts Lane County from the city's sick leave. It may also exempt any business outside Eugene and restrict the ability of other cities in Lane County from passing similar sick leave rules. Board Chair Pat Farr says there are a lot of unanswered questions about how the city's ordinance would affect county government and private businesses outside Eugene.

Credit Rachael McDonald

Farr: "With deadlines hanging over our heads imminently you know, the 21st of July is a deadline, that's when the city is having a public hearing and preparing to take action on the 22nd, we had no time to spare to get the discussion right out in front."

Advocates of Eugene's sick leave ordinance say the county's action is unnecessary because it would not apply to government organizations.

The city will hold a public hearing  on it's draft sick leave ordinance on July 21st.