Lane County Seeks To Change Event Rules

Mar 24, 2014

A three day music festival at Emerald Meadows near Eugene last summer was so loud it could be heard miles away. Neighbors of the venue at Mt. Pisgah have complained about the recent events there because of noise and traffic. Lane County is seeking input on new rules for outdoor events.

Emerald Meadows at Mt. Pisgah has hosted recent events that drew complaints from neighbors about noise and traffic.
Credit Rachael McDonald

The new regulations would address gaps in existing statutes. State law only requires "mass gathering" permits for events or assemblies with more than 3 thousand people. Keir Miller, Senior Planner with Lane County, says the proposed new rules would apply to events with more than 300 people. Organizers would have to get a license.

Miller: "And as part of that license, they'd be required to demonstrate how they're going to meet certain traffic safety requirements, have a parking plan in place, how they're going to deal with health and safety issues like potable water, toilet facilities, fire evacuation plans.

The rules are still being developed. There's a survey on the Lane county website and two listening sessions are scheduled this week. The first is Tuesday at the Florence Events Center. The other is Thursday at the Lane County Customer Service Center in Eugene.  Both sessions are from 3 - 7 in the afternoon.