LCC Settles Stalking Lawsuit, Plans To Improve Safety

Nov 4, 2016

A Lane Community College instructor hopes the outcome of her Title IX lawsuit settlement will help improve safety on campus. The instructor sued after she says administrators failed to address her concerns about a male student who stalked her.

Credit Lane Community College

LCC agreed to pay a total of $175 thousand to sociology instructor Nadia Raza and to review its campus security plans. Raza says she told school administrators about problems with a student who claimed he was a neo-Nazi. Raza says there wasn’t clear communication from the college or a clear outcome and the harassment persisted and escalated.
Raza says she’s hopeful things will change on campus since she brought the lawsuit.
Raza: “I think the settlement will benefit and impact the entire campus community and it will direct much-needed attention to safety procedures and prevention of harassment and violence. I mean, ultimately, I believe that everyone should have a safe place to go to work and go to school and I think that with this settlement it moves in that direction.”
School officials released a statement in which they acknowledged the stalking. The statement said it was a heinous situation no one should have to endure. The student has been barred from the LCC campus.