Local Veteran "Says a Little Prayer" When Flags are Lowered to Half-Staff

May 26, 2014

Patrick Daly lowers the flag to half-mast outside the federal courthouse at Tacoma's Union Station.
Credit Liz Jones / KUOW

Patrick Daly served in the U.S. Air Force for 26 years.
Credit Liz Jones / KUOW

Monday is Memorial Day. And it’s just one of many days throughout the year when the American flag is lowered to half-staff. The President and state Governors also order flags lowered during times of mourning.

In Washington state, flags recently flew at half-staff to honor local soldiers who died while on active duty…and also after the tragic landslide in Oso. Countless people perform this job of lowering flags at both private and government buildings.

KUOW Reporter Liz Jones met up with one of them – a military veteran who oversees the flag’s display at historic Union Station in Tacoma. In this audio postcard, he shows us some of what the job entails.

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