Lumber Mill Fire Under Control, But Questions Remain

Jun 27, 2017

An administrator of Freres Lumber says it’s unclear what started a fire at its mill in Lyons, east of Salem.

Credit Freres Lumber Co. Facebook photo

Robert Freres Jr. is Executive Vice-President.  He says the plant supervisor saw a flame appear near the veneer dryers.  He used a hose against it, and the sprinklers activated efficiently, but the fire continued to burn and caused a shutdown of Oregon 226 for a few hours Monday night.

“It’s premature to say…how much damage we’ve sustained," Freres tells KLCC.  "The equipment is intact, but it was exposed to a great deal of heat.  The building while it’s erect, may not be deemed to be sound and we may have to move and replace it.

"There were no injuries.  We are very thankful to report that.”

Freres says it’s too soon to estimate when the plant will reopen, but the fire will “hopefully be out in 24 hours.”  

Freres says all 30 plant employees have been reassigned elsewhere in the meantime.

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