Major Investment And Analysis Firm Gives Historic Rating To Lane County

Feb 22, 2017

Lane County’s credit rating has been given its best score ever.  KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.  

Downtown Eugene, home to many Lane County offices.
Credit Chris Phan /

Moody’s investors service recently reviewed the county’s economy, tax base, debt, and finances…and bestowed a rating of Aa2, indicating a “very low credit risk”.

Steve Mokrohisky is the Lane County Administrator.  He says this bodes well for county operations.

“We’ll be able to refinance existing debt at lower interest rates, it will save taxpayer resources, and if we’re going out for a project, and we need to issue debt for that project we can borrow money at a lower interest rate than we’d otherwise would be able to," he tells KLCC.  

"So the end result for taxpayers is they’ll pay less in financing public projects.” 

Mokrohisky says Moody’s has steadily inched up Lane County’s credit rating since 1993.  He attributes their score to controlling internal expenses and reducing their dependence on reserves.   

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