Mildred Kanipe Park Logging In Question

Jan 14, 2014

An outpouring of opposition to logging has delayed a decision by Douglas County Commissioners on the future of a public park.

Mildred Kanipe Memorial Park near Oakland is over a thousand acres. The parks department requires it to cover its own costs. A planning committee has recommended clear-cutting 20 acres of the park. A campground, built with the logging revenue, would make the park self-sustaining.


Gary Groth is Douglas County's Parks Director. He says the county has to follow a court judgment to raise money. It requires the county to use "sustained yield."

Groth: "We also can't accept the recommendation or make a recommendation that says we would only harvest one time, because that violates the principles of sustained yield."

But the Friends of Mildred Kanipe Park emphasize the judgment does not say the park must use sustained yield. Karen Roberson is an original board member for the nonprofit. She says:

Roberson: "It doesn't exclude selective logging, it doesn't exclude alternatives other than sustained yield logging, which actually is clear-cutting."

Roberson says their anti- logging message has worked. She thinks the county is exploring other options, like donations, grazing fees, and anything other than clear-cutting.

The Douglas County Commissioners meet at 9 am tomorrow (Wednesday). The Kanipe Park decision is not listed on the agenda.