Mini-Tornado Touches Down At LCC

Apr 14, 2015

A tornado touched down briefly in a parking lot on the Lane Community College campus in Eugene this afternoon (Tuesday). A spokesman with LCC says a funnel cloud was sighted around    4:10 pm.  Lisa Rupp, Sgt. with the Public Safety Department, witnessed the event.

Rupp: “You could see the funnel cloud because of the hail and the rain. It touched down, picked up on car, landed it on another and then flipped it over and then went to another car, flipped it on it’s top, picked up a vehicle that was parked next to it. There was a male and female in the vehicle.”

Several cars were damaged when a funnel cloud touched down in a parking lot at Lane Community College
Credit Trevor Steele

Rupp, who is from Oklahoma, says she has never seen anything like this in Oregon. She says no one was injured during the odd weather event.