Monday Could Be Pivotal for Eugene's Sick Leave Ordinance

Jul 20, 2014

Lane County residents might be tempted to call in sick to work Monday to get to two important public hearings. Both of them have to do with Eugene's proposed sick leave ordinance. The public is invited to comment on three Lane County ordinances put forward in reaction to Eugene's efforts. The first exempts the county from Eugene's ordinance. The second exempts other cities in Lane County. The third actually prohibits municipalities from passing labor laws. KLCC's Rachael McDonald spoke with Commissioner Jay Bozievich.

Lane County Commissioner Jay Bozievich
Credit Lane County

RM: "Would that preclude another city from following in Eugene's footseps?"
JB: "It would preclude any jurisdiction in Lane County."
RM: "So if Eugene does this, it would be against the county's ordinance?"
JB: "Right. And ultimately whether our ordinance or the city's ordinance has force would have to be determined in court."
Bozievich says Eugene's sick leave ordinance violates the Oregon constitution. He says the county is acting fast to pass its ordinances before the city takes action. The county holds its public hearing Monday morning at 9 at Harris Hall.
The city is holding its public hearing on the sick leave ordinance Monday evening at 7:30 at Harris Hall.