Oregon Governor Joins Initiative To Put More Zero-Emission Vehicles On The Road

Oct 25, 2013

This (last) week, governors from eight states including Oregon’s John Kitzhaber joined an initiative to put 3.3 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025.

The governors met in Sacramento, to sign a joint memorandum to purchase more electronic vehicles, or E-V’s, increase infrastructure, and offer financial incentives. U.S. electric car sales more than tripled in 2012. Oregon’s Chief E-V Officer, Ashley Horvat says the state has more fast chargers than any other who has them, and that’s helping E-V sales.

A Nissan Leaf charging.
Credit Photo courtesy of electriccarsport.com

Horvat:  “Just an example, the Nissan Leaf in Portland is actually the number one selling car in the Nissan portfolio that includes all of their models. So we’re seeing quite an impressive lead for people to make in switching to gas powered cars to electric powered cars.”

Other incentives are intended to increase the market share for hydrogen fuel-cell E-V’s and plug-in hybrids as well. Currently, 16 zero emission vehicle models are available from eight automotive manufacturers.

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