Oregon Jobless Rate Hits Record Low

Jun 13, 2017

Oregon's unemployment rate is at a record low.
The state Employment Department says the jobless rate for May was 3.6 percent, a slight drop from April's rate of 3.7.

Credit Oregon Employment Department

And, Oregon's labor force hit a record-high, rising above 2.1 million workers for the first time. Nick Beleiciks is a state employment economist.
“Oregon’s labor force keeps growing.” Beleiciks says, “So, that’s people moving to Oregon and graduating from school and entering the labor force. So, that’s the sign of a healthy economy and it’s a sign of a lot of job opportunities out there. People aren’t just joining the workforce. They’re finding work.”
Job gains were widespread among major industries, with construction and manufacturing leading the way.
The U.S. unemployment rate for May was 4.3 percent.