Oregon Lawmakers Consider Statewide Sick Leave

Feb 11, 2015

The Oregon legislature could pass a paid sick leave law during this session. The City of Eugene recently passed its own ordinance effective July first.

Credit tallasiandude / Flickr

The Eugene City council this week discussed putting a hold on implementation of the sick leave ordinance in case the statewide law differs from theirs. City Councilor Alan Zelenka:

Zelenka: "What we want to be able to do is, since our law goes into effect July 1, if they, late in the session, pass a bill and there's some slight differences, it doesn’t seem very prudent to have our local businesses have to implement ours and then if there's some changes, have to implement then the state one."

Zelenka says if the two pieces of legislation match that will be fine but if there's a need to make some adjustments the city will have time for that. If the legislature doesn't pass a sick leave law the city's ordinance will still go into effect July 1st. There's a hearing on the statewide sick leave law Monday in Salem.