Oregon Places Temporary Ban On Bee-Killing Pesticides

Jun 27, 2014

After bee die-offs this month in Eugene and Beaverton, the Oregon Agriculture Department is placing a 6 month ban on pesticides containing two active ingredients that are dangerous to the insects. 


Thousands of bees died after pesticides were applied to Linden trees this month at an apartment complex in Eugene.
Credit Beyond Toxics

The ODA is banning the use of products containing dinotefuran and imidacloprid on linden and similar trees. After high profile incidents of bee deaths last year, the Agriculture Department ordered that pesticide labels be revised for 2014 to note that use of the ingredients be prohibited on trees that attract bees. ODA spokesman Bruce Pokarney says there are still products out there with old labels, that don't include the note.

Pokarney: "Now we're saying that, no matter what, no matter when you bought the product or what it says on the label we're now essentially prohibiting any use of these products on Linden trees at any time."

Pokarney says the rule applies to all users including professional applicators and homeowners. The temporary rule takes immediate effect and will be enforced for six months while the agency completes its investigation of the recent bee deaths.

ODA last week suspended the license of the tree care company responsible for spraying insecticides blamed for killing 3 to 5 thousand bees at a Eugene apartment complex.