Oregon Pot Sales Higher Than Colorado And Washington

Oct 9, 2015

Oregon's recreational marijuana sales were higher than Colorado and Washington during their first week of sales. Pot stores sold more than 11 million dollars worth of the drug. That's according to the non-profit trade group "Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association." ORCA Executive Director Casey Houlihan says there were multiple factors contributing to the State's higher sales.

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Houlihan: "We just had a much smoother transition to our recreational sales program. So some of the other states that in their initial week, they maybe only had a handful, or in Colorado's case, a few dozen stores that were open, whereas here in Oregon we had about 247 that participated in our early sales program."

Houlihan says in the first day alone, pot sales in Oregon brought in 3.5 million dollars. Marijuana stores opened their doors to recreational users on October 1st.

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