Oregon Special Session Outcome Still Not Clear

Sep 29, 2013

Oregon lawmakers are meeting in Salem Monday for a rare special session. The legislature will consider a series of measures on taxes and pensions meant to beef up state finances.

The package is the result of an agreement between Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber and top Democrats and Republicans. But there's no guarantee any of the measures will pass.

When you get right down to it, the four legislative leaders represent just four votes in the legislature. And this package of bills has something for everybody to like, but more significantly something for everybody to dislike.

If you're a Republican, you probably aren't too thrilled to be voting on tax hikes. If you're a Democrat, you probably aren't too thrilled to be voting on cuts to retired public employees.

And then there's the statewide ban on local regulations of genetically modified organisms. That's got some lawmakers up in opposition to that measure as well. That's sort of the wildcard here.

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