Oregon State Police Enforce "No Refusal Weekend"

Jul 2, 2014

Credit Steven Damron

This Fourth of July, Oregon Law enforcement agencies will be patrolling the streets for intoxicated drivers. They have a new strategy to test for blood alcohol concentration.

“No Refusal Weekend” allows officers to test suspected impaired drivers,  even if they refuse breath testing.  This ensures everyone arrested receives a recorded BAC test.

Ryan Stone is a traffic and DUI enforcement police officer:

“We have a judge that’s on call and we have support staff from the district attorney’s office to help us prepare a search warrant. And then we apply for that search warrant. We give all the information to the judge. If the judge finds probable cause, then they authorize a search warrant to be conducted and executed and then we have a phlebotomist take a sample of the person’s blood to be tested to determine their BAC.”

BAC breath test refusals are increasing around the nation. Stone says “No Refusal Weekend” is a new program for Oregon but is used in other parts of the country. He says it’s important to enforce this policy during a weekend like Fourth of July when traffic is higher.