Oregon State University Board Votes Friday on Tuition Increase

Apr 20, 2017

  Oregon State University Board Considers Tuition Increase Friday
The Oregon State University Board of Trustees is expected to vote to raise tuition Friday.  The board is considering a 4 percent increase for resident undergraduates and 2 percent for non-residents.

Credit oregonstate.edu

The Board of Trustees halted its meeting last month after a group of protesters started chanting against the tuition increase. OSU cites the continued state disinvestment in higher education and says raising tuition is part of its long term financial strategy. OSU grad student Alex Riccio  was part of the protest last month. He says students already struggle to pay for college and now they’re looking at higher costs.
Riccio: “It will also prevent a lot of students from continuing their education. I have multiple friends that have to drop out of college, undergraduates, just because they couldn’t afford the term-by-term tuition increases.”
OSU says it’s also working to expand financial aid programs for students. And they’re trying to increase enrollment.

The OSU Board meets by telephone Friday afternoon at 2:30.