Oregon Transgender Students Protected Despite Federal Changes

Feb 23, 2017

Wednesday the Trump Administration revoked federal guidelines saying transgender students have the right to use bathrooms and locker rooms that align with their gender identity.

Spencer Lewis, a member services attorney with the Oregon School Board Association, says the Administration’s decision will not affect Oregon students.

“Oregon law says you cannot discriminate an education on the basis of sexual orientation and also in Oregon law, gender identity is included under sexual orientation,” says Lewis. “Students in Oregon continue to be protected even if the federal guidelines have been revoked.”

The letter issued by the U.S. departments of justice and education states that title IX’s use of the term “sex” is unclear in how it relates to biological sex and gender identity. The letter also stresses the role of states and local school districts in determining their own educational policies. The 2007 Oregon equality act includes public education under antidiscrimination law. Additional state guidelines promoting the safety of transgender students in Oregon were released a week before the federal guidelines in May of 2016.