Oregon U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley Holds First of Six Town Halls in Eugene

Aug 7, 2017

Oregon U.S. Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley met with constituents in Eugene Monday at the first of six town halls he is holding this week.

Credit Franziska Monahan

At the town hall held at Lane Community College, Senator Merkley talked about a number of issues facing Oregon, including health care, appropriations for the timber and agriculture industries and affordable housing. Constituents also had the chance to ask questions about national and state issues. Carol Martin says her greatest concerns are about White House appointments, both the many that remain empty as well as those that have been filled.

“there are so many appointments that are so dangerous,” says Martin. “Betsy DeVos is one, Scott Pruitt at the EPA is another. There’s so much damage being done while the spotlight is elsewhere that it is scary.”

This was Senator Merkley’s 318th town hall since 2009. He is also holding meetings in Corvallis, Albany, Newport, Dallas and Newberg.