Oregonians Must Register to Vote by Tuesday

Oct 11, 2015

Tuesday, October 13th is the last day for Oregonians to register to vote or update voter information before the November 3rd election.

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Oregonians who want to cast their ballot in the upcoming election must register to vote by Tuesday.
Linda Lynch is the president of Lane County’s League of Women Voters. She says if someone has moved or changed names since last signing up to vote they need to update this information by the deadline.
Lynch: “People want to have a say in how their local government works and what the level of services are, and you need to participate, and you can’t do that unless you register.”
Here are a few things up for vote in the November 3rd special election: 13.5 million dollars to Eugene Libraries. Funding for a Springfield fire engine crew. Two new firetrucks for South Lane County.
Register in person at any county elections office in Oregon or register online.