Pay Recommended for Springfield City Councilors

May 27, 2014


A commission recommends Springfield City Councilors should be paid.  KLCC’s  Claude Offenbacher reports the question may go to voters in November.

The Springfield Planning Commission, acting as the Committee for Citizen Involvement, has concluded paying stipends to City Councilors to be justified. The proposal would be to pay 500 dollars to the Mayor and 300 dollars to Councilors monthly. Some Councilors and city staff had prompted a study by the Commission, which then considered the request, taking an Oregon-wide perspective…

James:  … and what we found hands-down when we looked across the State, that was very, very minimal amount.”

Commission Chairman Greg James.  The Council currently has its expenses , but not its time on Council business compensated. Following a work session Monday, the Councilors will hold a public meeting to decide whether to put the matter on November’s ballot.  A century-old prohibition against such payment

would need to be overturned. Springfield’s sister city Eugene already pays its Mayor and Councilors significantly more.