A Piece of My Mind

Nov 22, 2013

Time Magazine will soon anoint its Person of the Year.  This year, I'm anointing a noun -- and an adjective derived from it -- as the 2013 "Words of the Year."  They are..."icon" and iconic."

Iconic frivolity.
Credit Yachats, Oregon.

An icon is an image on computers, or a notable saint.  But these days, even the flotsam of our existence can achieve distinction in such documented expressions as iconic diaper, iconic toilet paper -- and even iconic icon.

Oregon has its own icons, of course. The City of Yachats slogan -- La De Da -- iconic frivolity.  Art Robinson, perennial candidate for Congress, an iconic optimist.  As a Huffington Post blogger recently wrote:  "Iconic take it any more!"

So don't be ironic -- be iconic!  Leave a comment below with Oregon icons of your own.

And that's a piece of my mind.