A Piece of My Mind (#9): Uphill Or Downhill?

Jul 29, 2014

Credit lanavaughan.com

I’m Claude Offenbacher with "A Piece of My Mind"

My wife and I travel the trails of lower Mount Pisgah.  We hike them clockwise.  But recently, by way of a change, we reversed course and walked them counter-clockwise.  Demanding uphills became casual downhills; downhills were now uphills.  The trails hadn’t changed -- only how we chose to approach them. 

Each day engages us in countless choices. Most are routine.  We resolve them with little conscious thought. 

But every so often, we’re faced with a tough decision or a unique physical challenge. We can allow it to become an uphill struggle, focusing on a host of imagined dire outcomes.  Or we can  calm our thoughts and take a more comfortable, rational,  approach.   

Much as we can take alternate routes in traveling mountain trails, each apparent crisis in our lives can be a struggle. Or it can be an opportunity to calm our mind, direct it downhill, and ease on down the road of life.

And that’s A Piece of My Mind.  Claude Offenbacher.  KLCC News.