A Piece of My Mind: Car Squawk

Jun 27, 2014

Honda Fit
Credit www.motorweek.org

Here’s a piece of my mind I call  “Car Squawk,” three small complaints from behind the wheel of my 2010 Honda Fit in Eugene.  Maybe this will resonate with you.

First, it’s hard to avoid playing bumper cars as I park in the city garage closest to KLCC. I contort my body out after squeezing into a tortuously narrow space made narrower by an adjacent
intruding truck.  

Squawk number two:  I’m behind a driver stopped at a red light.  He’s clueless he can now legally turn left onto an empty one-way street. 

My third squawk:  I’m stuck behind a driver stopped at an intersection with no traffic light. As she turns left, she finally signals her intent. 

Three petty squawks (three honks of a car horn).    But here’s the larger truth.  In all my road traveling experience -- through Eastern, Midwestern and West Coast states --  Oregon drivers take the prize for road courtesy  and consideration.

And that’s a piece of my mind.