A Piece of My Mind: Marriage

Mar 26, 2014

Credit gregfetter.blogspot.com

Not that long ago in Oregon and America, marriage evoked a simple narrative.  A man and his “intended” would exchange vows. The woman would take the man’s name. They’d commit to each other for life.

Today, divorce is on the rise. Heterosexual marriage is a shaky proposition.  Many partners forgo it.  They simply live together.  The woman may choose to take the man’s name… or not.  Either one may insist on a prenuptial agreement to protect assets should the marriage not take.  Divorce, once stigmatized, is as accepted these days as scrapping an old car.

Isn’t it ironic and remarkable that just as traditional marriage is being devalued, gay couples in Oregon and nationwide are determined to secure their right to wed under the law?  In November, unless the courts decide the issue, our state’s largely heterosexual population is expected to decide whether to accord them that right.