Rash of Burglaries Hits South University Neighborhood

Apr 11, 2017

Eugene police are warning the public about a rash of burglaries in the South University neighborhood. Suspects entered through unlocked doors in what police are calling crimes of opportunity.

Credit Eugene Police

Steven Chambers, crime prevention specialist with the Eugene Police Department, says the Saturday morning burglaries were identical in nature to a spur of three break-ins that took place in March.

“The burglars entered the residences through unlocked doors between the hours of 2 A.M. till 9 A.M. and stole laptop computers,” says Chambers. “What’s really concerning is those laptop computers in some of the cases were right next to the victim while they were sleeping.”

The burglars appear to be targeting Apple products. Several passports have also been reported stolen. Police advise residents to lock doors and windows at all times to prevent crimes of opportunity. Additional precautionary measures include reporting any strange, suspicious people hanging around residences, as well as recording serial numbers of valuables such as laptops to help with the identification and recovery of stolen property.