A Second Cougar Is Killed Near Eugene Park

Mar 18, 2014

Oregon wildlife biologists have trapped and killed a second cougar near Hendricks Park in Eugene. A trap was set for a third cougar believed to be in the area. 

This photo taken with a trail camera Friday shows a cougar that's believed to still be in or around Hendrick's Park
Credit Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

Last week, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife trapped and killed an adult female suspected of killing goats and chickens at a home near the park.
Dennehy: "We set a trail camera at the site and that revealed the presence of a 2nd young cougar. That cougar entered the empty coop where the chickens had been killed last week."

Michelle Dennehy is with ODFW. She says it is a concern when cougars are found so close to homes and a public park.

Dennehy: "Also, they had repeatedly killed livestock. Our other concern was if the landowner, for example, did try to shoot the cougar, which under Oregon State statutes, landowners have the right to do that, we could have a wounded cougar in the park."
Dennehy says that would be a public safety risk. She says the second cougar was a 40 pound juvenile. It was not a candidate for captivity because it had already learned to live in the wild. The third cougar is also believed to be young.