Seven Arrested While Demanding To Keep Springfield Post Office Open

Dec 16, 2013

Seven people were arrested at the Gateway Post Office in Springfield Monday. The Processing Plant is still on the list for closure due to budget issues.

After an hour of singing, cookies and listening to speakers on why the post office should stay open, one "Raging grandma" was arrested by a member of the Postal Police Force.

"Do you have any ailments or anything?"
"Yeah, I have a bad back"

"You and me both, let's just walk in then."

The grandma and 6 others were arrested because they would not get off the post office loading dock. They were demanding to see someone who would guarantee to keep the plant open.

Representative John Lively was one of the politicians showing support for the activists.

"I just think that what we ought to be talking about is ways to enhance. Get off the shackles that we've placed on it and let's get on with what it's all about. Make the post office part of the future of America instead of the past."

Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy was there. Senator Wyden and Representative De Fazio sent letters expressing support. De Fazio has proposed a bill that includes reforms this crowd likes: give the postal service power to change rates and experiment with services, get rid of required pre-funding for future employee benefits. Speakers talked about making Post Offices hubs for internet use in rural areas and providing modern tools like online banking.

The Gateway Processing center was put on the list for possible closure in 2011. There were lots of people coming and going with packages and letters today, but the future of the plant is still unknown.