Simpsons Mural To Be Painted In Springfield

Jun 1, 2014

Credit Matt Groening

The Simpsons are coming home to Springfield. Well, on a mural at least. The city is partnering with Simpsons production crew with input from series creator Oregon native Matt Groening. Springfield Community Relations Manager Niel Laudati says the show is a cultural icon now, and it's great the City has a role to play.

Laudati: "It's official. It came from Matt and his artists. You know, we have the line drawings but it's awesome. I got to say, the touches that Matt put in; this mural is Springfield Oregon, it's northwest, it's Oregon through and through. And I think people will really love it and love taking pictures next to it and kind of coming downtown. And that's the goal."

The mural will be located at the Emerald Arts Center building on Main Street in Springfield. A city committee will chose the mural artist, with final approval by Matt Groening. It's expected to be completed by mid-September.

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