Skaters Flood Washington Jefferson Park

Apr 4, 2014

The flood of skaters, BMXers, and others at Eugene's Washington Jefferson Skate Park
Credit Desmond O'Boyle

One park closed, and one opened today (Friday) in Eugene. After Police cleared the homeless camp "Whoville" about 5-6 hundred people flooded Washington Jefferson Skate Park in the afternoon to try out the new rails, half-pipes, and bowls.

The gates are open!
Credit Desmond O'Boyle

The Park officially opened at 3 o'clock. About 100 members of the design company, Dreamland got to test the concrete while hundreds of enthusiasts waited on the other side of the fence. Chief Designer Mark Scott has been skateboarding his whole life and said the City of Eugene was great to work with.

Scott: "This is like the biggest turnout I've seen at any park ever. I think this is definitely the best park in Eugene, if not all of Oregon."

Scott says the Washington Jefferson Park features some classic elements as well as new obstacles for people to try.

Catching some air...
Credit Desmond O'Boyle

Scott: "It's got this weird ribbon feature that everyone seems to like. It works well because it's big enough area that it kinda caters to everybody somewhat. And when there's not three hundred people here there will be an area for everybody to have their own little skate session."

The skate park is open from 6 am to eleven o'clock daily. Organizers say the Eugene Police Department will be in charge of enforcing closure times.

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