A Spirited Bourree at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

Jun 4, 2014

The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art on the UO campus in Eugene presents “Placing Pierre Daura,” an exhibition of work by the Catalan-American artist, curated by students from the university. In conjunction with that, music and dance instructor Laura Wayte and her students present an event on Saturday afternoon, June 7th called “A Spirited Bourree,” joined by Nathalie Fortin on piano and David Rogers on guitar. It includes songs in Catalan and Spanish that highlight prominent themes in Pierra Daura’s work. Given a taste of the music and its connection to art in the KLCC studios are Laura Wayte, David Rogers, and students Kelsey Gregory, Julianne Graper and Maddy McBride.

Left to right: David Rogers, Maddy McBride, Laura Wayte, Julianne Graper and Kelsey Gregory.
Credit Photo by Eric Alan