Springfield Chooses Artists For Simpsons Mural

Jul 30, 2014

Credit Matt Groening

Springfield’s city committee has chosen the artists who will be transforming the west side of the Emerald Arts building into a mural, honoring the longest-running scripted T.V. show, the Simpsons.

The firm Old City Artists was chosen from among eight other groups hoping to paint the city’s newest mural depicting the Simpsons. Springfield city spokesman Neil Laudati explains how the finalists stood out among the rest.

Laudati: “What was interesting about Erik and the Old City Artists is just the incredible quality of their work in recreating very well-known, trademarked images.”

This accuracy is important to Springfield city officials. They’re contracted with Fox to make the mural an exact replica of the provided image.

Laudati doesn’t want to ruin the surprise but he did give away a few details of what the painting of the Simpsons family will look like.

Laudati: “When you look at the family it’s very northwest. It’s very Springfield. The atmosphere is very Oregon and you’re going to know when you see it. It’s like, okay, that’s not just a Springfield, that’s Springfield, Oregon.”

The OCA will begin painting at the end of August and the mural is expected to be completed by September 10.