Springfield Considers Paying City Councilors

Feb 10, 2014

The Springfield City Council is considering a measure to pay its members. Monday they asked a committee to look into crafting a proposal that could go before voters in November.

The measure would require changing the city charter, which forbids such compensation.  Springfield spokesman Niel Laudati says councilors do get expenses reimbursed. But they're doing up to 35 hours a week of work. Laudati says the proposal is not meant to be a living wage.

Laudati: "We want to get to a point where it doesn’t cost our councilors money to serve the public. And that's what's happening in many cases now They're either taking that vacation time or if they own a private business they're giving up opportunities to make money because we have them at these meetings most of the week."

The proposal would pay the mayor $500 a month, council members $300. In Eugene, voters in 2000 approved pay for its officials-- about $1800 a month for the mayor and $1200 for council members.