Springfield Hires New Police Chief

Nov 6, 2013

Medford Deputy Chief Tim Doney has been hired to be Chief of Police in Springfield.
Credit City of Springfield

Springfield has hired a new Chief of Police. Medford Deputy Police Chief Tim Doney will start his new job  in December.

47-year-old Doney has been with Medford PD for 25 years.  The chief position had 50 applicants and Doney was chosen from 4 finalists. Springfield City Manager Gino Grimaldi says Doney's extensive experience was a big factor.

Grimaldi: "You look for 2 things. His experience as an officer is one. The other thing you look for is experience. Leadership and leadership potential."

Doney says he's very excited about getting to know the Springfield Police Department and the community.

Doney: "I've had a really blessed career where I've been exposed to a lot of different scenarios and situations. And I think I'll be able to bring that experience to the help at Springfield P.D. In addition, I think there's a lot that I have to learn about the community itself and the department."

The hiring process took 3 months. Doney replaces retired Chief Jerry Smith-- who left earlier this year. Smith avoided an investigation into his romantic relationship with a police department employee.