Stewart, Bozievich Will Keep Board Seats

Jun 19, 2014

Faye Stewart and Jay Bozievich will not face run-off elections this fall. The Lane County Elections office finished re-counting votes in the West and East Lane County Commissioner races from May.

Jay Bozievich won re-election for the West Lane County Commission Board seat after a re-count in the May primary.
Credit Lane County

Faye Stewart will keep his East Lane County seat on the Board of Commissioners after a recount in the May primary.
Credit Lane County

Incumbents Stewart and Bozievich had 9 and 18 votes respectively above the 50 percent plus one vote margin required to prevent a run-off. The automatic recounts were triggered by a new statute that mandates recounts when the margin is as close as it was in both races. Lane County spokeswoman Anne-Marie Levis:

Levis: "It's been put to bed once and for all. These are the election results and what we'll see in the fall is just the names on the ballot of Jay Bozievich and Stewart.

Faye Stewart gained 2 additional votes in the recount. Jay Bozievich's opponent Dawn Lesley gained one vote. Barring a successful write-in campaign in November, Bozievich and Stewart will serve on the Lane County Board of Commissioners for another 4 years.
The re-count was conducted by 4 teams of five people this week.