Still Too Close To Call For Lincoln County Pesticide Measure

May 17, 2017

We won’t know the final vote count on a ballot measure to ban aerial pesticide spraying in Lincoln County until early June. The ordinance is currently passing with a 27 vote margin.

Credit Rachael McDonald

Amy Southwell is with the Lincoln County Clerk’s office. She says there are at least 90 ballots that were submitted without signatures, and can’t be counted. But, she says, voters have 2 weeks to come in and sign their ballots. There are also ballots that were turned into drop sites in other counties that are expected to trickle in over the next couple of weeks.
“It’s kind of like a waiting game. So we’re just trying to get everything we can in our office, meaning every little detail finished so that when those come in, we’re ready to go and have it all updated for the public.”
If the vote is still as close as it is right now, it will trigger an automatic recount. The Lincoln County Clerk has until June 5th to certify the election. Measure 21-177 is one of several community rights measures in Oregon. A Coos County measure to stop a natural gas pipeline terminal failed in Tuesday’s election.