Students React to UO President's Sudden Departure

Aug 7, 2014

University of Oregon President Michael Gottfredson has resigned after two years on the job. Gottfredson announced his decision Wednesday in a campus-wide email. He took the helm in 2012 replacing an interim president who took over after Richard Lariviere  was fired by the State Board of Higher Education. KLCC's Rachael McDonald went on campus Thursday to find out what students think about Gottfredson's abrupt departure.

UO President Michael Gottfredson announced his resignation Wednesday, effective immediately.
Credit University of Oregon

Emma Pindell: "I think it's definitely a sudden thing. I mean with the changes going over to the independent public school system I can see how it would definitely be kind of a gamble sticking around for that seeing if it went really well or poorly."

Basualdo Estile: "I just think its weird. I think it's like the third president in my three years here so I don't know, why can't we keep a president? Or what keeps going on that they keep having to change and how come I didn’t know who he is or what he does?"

Tiffany Picott: "I've actually never even seen him. I think that the presidents of at least this University, they're hidden away and you don’t' really see them that much which is kind of sad. I think it would be really nice if the administration was physically recognizable by students."

You heard from U of O students Emma Pindell, Basualdo Estile, and Tiffany Picott.

The University of Oregon Board of Trustees, which recently took over leadership of the U of O, is meeting Thursday afternoon to decide what to do now that Gottfredson has resigned.